Take a careful look at the management team, and you’ll learn that many of these people chose to work at this facility because of GBF’s unique blend of academic and private interests, resources, and clients. They chose to work at GBF because their position affords them a singular opportunity to get novel new agents into clinical trials that promise to improve and save the lives of patients.

The people who work at GBF all know they’re doing something meaningful, that has serious potential to impact the lives of others.


Terri Foote

Director, Program Management and Supply Chain

Matthew Seefeldt, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Charles Hickey

Director of Finance

Chandresh Undhad, M.S..

Associate Director, Quality

Gana Batt, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Protein Development and Manufacturing

Jonathan Gutman, M.D.

Medical Director

Russell C. Marians, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Cell Therapy Analytical Development


Everyone working at GBF has a deep appreciation for their work and the goals of their clients. That’s the kind of perspective that takes a life chapter or two to develop. The team at GBF is comprised of many industry veterans, many of whom chose to work at GBF because of the team’s technical competency and the robust quality systems that ensure life changing drugs get to trial. To the benefit of their scientifically diverse group of clients, the professional staff at GBF is deeply invested in moving their science to the clinic and out into the world where it can make a difference.